Branding Inspiration Of The Month: January
Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

The creation of a resilient brand story goes beyond the product itself. Resilience, in this context, is achieved through like-minded and mission-driven individuals who share a passion.

Investing in good design is an investment in a lifestyle.

So when we think of a brand that showcases it's resiliance through creative design, we look to Melbourne, where a family-owned business furniture business was born.

Since 1987, Jardan transformed and enriched the Australian home lifestyle through their commitment to good design, quality materials and the finest craftsmanship.

Here, there is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye.

Jardan long distinguishes itself to handcrafted furniture built to last a lifetime, whilst enhancing total-living in absolute relaxation.

Pro tip: Focus your time and energy into how you can enrich your target consumer. Modern marketing today is all about the customer, not your product. Be genuine, honest, and decide what your business excels at; and communicate this with humility.

Brand and Design studio, Seesaw Studio, were called upon by Jardan for re-branding, in preparation for their grand opening of their first retail store in Melbourne. And already having been huge fans of the brand and their exquisite work, it was with no question that Seesaw Studio was to unfailingly deliver beyond definitive expectation. 

Remaining true to the core of the designer's mission and quality of the product, Seesaw Studio married its ideas with Jardan’s handcrafted, Melbourne-made origins. Promising of a prosperous outcome, Seesaw Studio delivered a dynamic, holistic and versatile brand revitalisation that encapsulated the brands mantra: crafting objects for the modern world. 

The use of white, grey, and dark shades of blue intersects with the brands professional and sophisticated style, which, in turn, purposely channels our focus to the quality of Jardan's hand-crafted furniture.

Dominantly white across their custom packaging, Jardan delivers on strong emotions of modern simplicity and divine sophistication, mildly contrasted with gold and black as a bold reinforcement.

Alongside their consistent branding across packaging, promotional brochures and environmental graphics, their ingenious die-cut of their new Jardan logo on their boxes adds the cherry on top to their refurbished branded look.

Jardan now emerges as a beautifully integrated brand – fresh, light and engaging across all touch-points.

“Seesaw distilled the various elements of our business into a concise direction for our rebrand. Creative, fun to work with, while keeping to budget… Overall, we found them inspirational.” - Jardan

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Images Credits: Seesaw Studio



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