Branding Inspiration Of The Month: April

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.


Independent, intrepid and original. 

These are the three words which encapsulate H+J’s brand mantra.

Based in the UK, Harbour & Jones are an independent catering business that revolves its story around remarkable food and exceptional service. Established in 2004 by power-duo Patrick and Nathan, H+J immersed as an antidote and solution to the catering world that was once uninspiring and dull to many.

H+J’s extensive portfolio consists of an array of renowned venues such as The Cutty Sark, Moet & Chandon, Abbey Road, RIBA and Selfridges; providing working lunches and private dining rooms, food courts, cafes and deli bars to suit the needs of their notable clients. 

In an industry that forces experts to keep ahead with trends, setting styles and embracing new phenomenon’s, H+J needed to communicate its uncontested value and compelling brand idea to the market. 

The business has grown year on year, but remains small at heart, and proudly independent. As part of their long-term plans, we were commissioned to create a brave identity and website that would demonstrate their ambition in a fierce industry.

Working with H+J, Graphic Design Studio Spy developed for the business a new brand identity to help them stand out from the crowd.

The first thing you notice about H+J is the bold and distinctive utilitarian quality of their logo. What we love about the logo, particularly, is the way it has been broken down and reassembled into patterns; complimented through simple, but daring colour palettes to emphasise its ‘x’ factor appeal.

H+J plays around with artful, unique compositions of colour, letterforms and image to accentuate the ‘Catering’ themes that make up their brand (i.e. street food, cheese boards, and high quality specialties)

Through H+J’s vision, Spy could visualise H+J’s positioning into rich and detailed photographic images that drew visual interest from its simple character shapes, whilst also communicating its utilitarian purpose.

This remains consistent across all touch-points of H+J’s brand, including their tone of voice, stationary, business cards, website design and most importantly, their packaging. Colours have been carefully selected across these touch-points to convey different tones of events and context; for example, a cheerful yellow, fiery red and sophisticated grape amplifies its exclusive personality and a playful, communicative intent of its reinvigorated brand image. 

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All images are credited to Spy Studio


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