Brand Inspiration Of The Month: September

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

We have never seen a delicatessen like Nourcy take its brand to a whole new height. And we're not just talking about their new menu of pastries, expanded selection of exquisite chocolates nor the exclusive gourmet delicacies - we're talking about the ultimate revitalisation of a new and improved brand.

Nourcy began its venture thirty years ago in Quebec City, Canada; however recently expanded to its second location in Lebourgneuf. In 2014, Nourcy decided to take a leap with their delicatessen brand to reinvent a whole new look reflective of the latest trends, to become one of Quebec's most talked about contemporary dining restaurants. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Canadian graphic design studio lg2boutique who focused on developing a new brand identity and differentiated interior design which places ingredients and products at the foreground of importance.

Pro Tip: It is always important to stay well-informed and on-top of the latest industry trends and news. Information is so dynamic and ever-changing, that taking time to read and understand them will allow you to strategise and stay ahead of the game, as more competitors flood your unique industry or market.


We absolutely love lg2boutique's unique approach in recreating an unavoidable quality dining experience through the detail of design. The aesthetically simplistic black and white logo breaks through and abandons the conventional routine, implementing clever diagonal strokes of its 'N' as a delightful and dynamic play of bold shapes on all of its packaging and interior design.

The dominantly striking geometric and mono-linear statement of its logo links to the popular trend of utilising a modernesque and geometric design to packaging to remain contemporary in the industry. This is particularly embraced with its strong and clean use of sans-serif typography to add the extra flair of creativity to their newly established brand platform.

In resonance of the absence of colour and texture in its design, lg2boutique replicates the visual principles of Nourcy's packaging into the physical appearance of the delicatessen restaurant - the architecture and structural sensibilities are robust, and the interior environment heavily relies on contemporary utility and style, warmth, comfort and quality.

The diversity of its visual aspects are all building blocks to delivering Nourcy's promise - the pleasure of tasting.  It was important that all of its efforts in design (online, inside and outside Nourcy restaurants and its remarkable packaging) was in-tangent to the elements that make-up the superior quality restaurant experience of Nourcy. We believe lg2boutique successfully delivered a reinvigorated identity to Nourcy, allowing its packaging and interior environment to thrive on the iconic texture and detail of the Nourcy menu, and the trademarked specialized ingredients used to create its stunning dishes.

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All images are credited to lg2boutique



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