Brand Inspiration Of The Month: November
Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

Every month's inspiration undergoes an exploration of a myriad of brands and designs from all over the world that we believe will best captivate your attention.

And no matter what packaging trends orchestrate the way a packaging looks or the way it engineers, there is one thing that remains timeless:  a classic innocent-looking mascot.

Established in 2012, Marios Karystios (designer) was set with the task to bring Snob Duck to life. Located and hand-made in Greece, Snob Duck recognised that soap products were outdated in its 'same-old bar shape'; and too often was it referred as a traditional and dull commodity, rather than an exciting and spirited phenomenon.

"Everything begun... when a couple of macho ducks started running after me screaming and yelling (in case you don’t know, ducks are the best guards for your property).

This was my 5 months routine on my way up to Kalavrita ski resort where I used to work. I had the same experience once more... This time when I was working in our family olive grove"

On top of everything, Vasilis Douros (creator of Snob Duck) was very compassionate about his animals, and decided that through his boycotting experiences with ducks in his past, he was going to glorify these ducks to popularity.

"Put a nice bow tie clean and fresh but still with this snobbish look, decided to spread the news wherever I can"

And thus, the Snobduck soaps were born.

Duck free as they deserve.

Based on the brand's philosophy, everything Snob Duck was everything 100% hand-made with love. The soap is pure, stylish, and coloured with natural ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, greek herbs, fruits and honey. 

Pro Tip: It's important to create a seamless path of communication between your passion, brand values and the customer. Create experiences with your brand that allow your consumers to share in what you value, know, and love.

For years, the brand had always been about thinking outside of the box.

Although the soap had never been promising of a product that can turn back time, clean the conscious, or provide magical therapies and treatments - Snob Duck was never short of innovative and creative collection of solutions.

In 2016, Snob Duck released its new product 'One Use' - a product that embodied the modern perception of creativity and convenience. 

Every box is compact with '30 hand-made small ducks' that are ready to use anywhere and anytime. 

A set of imperfect illustrations effectively aligns itself with the three dimensions of the brand: playful, fun, and original. The deliberate typography choice support the 'natural' and 'authentic' qualities of the brand, and overall compliments the purpose of the design and the personality of the 'Snob Duck' brand. 

We love how the packaging finishes off with a bright, red hot foil stamp with the words 'KEEP THIS BOX' written across. This not only encourages re-use, but it also gives an additional touch of personalisation to the compact box. 

Discovering a brand that thrives for personal connection in all aspects of its brand and packaging, who also celebrates nature's gift in the form of a trendy and ingenious soap, Snob Duck indefinitely embeds a compelling and inspirational message for future soap-voyagers to propel in the industry.

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