Brand Inspiration Of The Month: August

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

Iconic for its ‘chocolate brown’ shopping bags, Louis Vuitton revamped, revitalised and refreshed their product packaging for the first time in thirteen years. One of the world’s leading international fashion houses and valued brands, Louis Vuitton emblematically became the symbol of status since 1854.

The redesign of the packaging line is called ‘Imperial Saffron’, embodying the abundance of luxury and opulence associated with the brand. As of August 2016, the modernistic and life-long distinctive colours of its refurbished packaging will be found on every shopping bag and incorporated into fashion pieces dating back to 1924. 

Pro Tip: The last thing you would want from your branding is for it to become outdated and negating its potential to deliver exceptional quality of product or service. Poor Packaging Design can inevitably refrain your business from building relationships with your customers, due to the misinterpretation and inaccurate representation of your brand. Make sure you stay relevant in a competitive marketplace by reinventing your product packaging.

Complementing the shade of a golden hue on the surface of product packaging, the complementary colour of a bright cobalt royal blue is added to the handles and ribbons - further symbolic of the 'winning blue ribbon' given when achieving first place or number one. With the combination of Imperial Saffron and Royal Blue, LV evokes an eternal modern look sentimental of its golden age of travel and reminiscent of stored history.

Louis Vuitton further epitomises excellence in their packaging by manufacturing their shopping bags to be thicker with cotton handles, providing greater resilience during one’s transport. While also being redesigned to be collapsed and folded a lot easier, a primary focus for LV centred around sustainability – utilising raw cotton and flat pack boxes.


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All images are credited to Louis Vuitton



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