Top 4 Handles Your Customers Will Love

The most substantial focus on today's Packaging Industry is being able to deliver, create and maximise value to your customers; which will, in turn, convert to dollar value. Every angle of marketing should communicate a compelling and indisputable message, thus painting your brands' story with your target customer.

Creating and communicating a memorable experience can be attributed to a Tee, when it comes to your shopping bag structure. Let's state the obvious - the shopping bag ultimately cannot perform its full functionality without handles! It is essentially the only way your brand can physically hold the hand of the end consumer.

From shiny to matte, paper to cotton, handles provide the customer the greater resilience of transport and the ease to carry their goods from one place to another. In this article, we'll show you the Top 4 Handles that will crown the aesthetics of your carry bag; and ultimately be the 'hand' your customers will love to hold.

1) Rope Handles

Add a clean touch of elegance and sophistication with quality rope handles. The three types of rope handles that can be readily made for you are synthetic poly, cotton, and a 50/50 poly cotton blend.

Synthetic poly are the most common mass market rope handles used in the industry today, merely because they are less costly to manufacture and attach. They are a little rougher, shinier, and can be given the option of using bold and electric colours.

Cotton rope handles are distinctively and noticeably softer than synthetic poly handles, and do not give off the shimmering poly effect. Adding a coat of wax over the cotton handles is a widely used industry practice to give the rope handles a far more sleek and modernised look (as seen below by MZ Wallace)

2) Ribbons

For a more luxurious, feminine and refiner look, ribbon is the way to go. Ribbon, itself, does not have to be used for handles alone. Donna Karan New York is a prime example - whereby the satin ribbon bow allows for a more closable carry bag to lead up to "a luxurious unvielling".

The two types of ribbon handles are double-faced satin (shiny on both sides of the ribbon) and single-faced (shiny on one side).

 3) Flat Fold

A cheaper and more sustainable alternative to rope and ribbon handles is the use of paper material. There are a vary of options when considering how to implement paper handles. The Flat Fold is a a simple folded construction which creates an elegant finish; while ensuring comfort and stability in the hand. Without the use of fabric, the paper Flat Fold can be easily recyclable.

4) Die Cut

Another popular paper option is implementing the Die Cut.

The Die Cut design is ideal if you want to project simplicity. It excels in its use for carrying lightweight products and provides the consumer exceptional resistance against the probability of tear and puncturing. It also has the option of adding patches to provide further strength where it is needed most.


Even the smallest details need a little bit of loving, and you'll find out soon enough that your investment will go a long way!

We have all of these type of handles, and more, within the reach of your fingertips.

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