The 6 Packaging Design Trends of 2017

2016 embodied an exciting and innovative year in the evolution of Packaging. More specifically, the emphasis placed on packaging as the new method to drive brand confidence and consumer loyalty, encouraged savvy businesses to re-think what was previously a method transporting of goods. And boy, did we see (and manufacture!) some amazing creations.

But, it's just the beginning.

Here at Gispac, we predict 2017 will far inject more fuel into the engine of customised packaging. And we're excited.

To keep your brand at the top of it's game and ready to woo customers, we're exclusively detailing some of the key trends that we know and hope to see more of, in the new year. Enjoy!


Popular in cafes and restaurants, designers are embracing their crafting expertise through custom lettering. In 2017, we'll see brands exploiting the use of hand-lettering to communicate a sense of warmth and authenticity through natural imperfections (irregular lines, brush strokes etc)

Kylie Cosmetics does this exceptionally well.

At first glance, you're immediately flattered by a (copied) handwritten note inside of its box; reminded that there are real people behind the face of the brand.

As communication lines are blurred, a personal touch can change a perception to one of positivity, with ease.


A great unboxing experience requires an element of excitement that extends beyond the product itself, and transcends into creating personal experiences for the customer.

A thoughtful selection of repetitive patterns using bright and bold colour palettes is the well-sought out trend to look for in 2017.

We're talking about patterns that are playful - something that will arrest the attention of the customer, and increase the perception of fun, enjoyment and love.

Each design and pattern should be chosen to fit perfectly with the strong brand identity you're seeking.


A progressive shift from complex to a cleaner aesthetic has been the talk of 2016. The well-reknowned 'less is more' mantra is resurfacing concept that's both practical and purpose driven.

We envision it will carry right through to the end of 2017.

You'll see packaging designs utilising the 'premium bold'. A cleaner and simplistic packaging like Blk allows space for the product itself to take center stage.


The role of colours on packaging holds great importance in defining your brand's personality, and the ability to evoke emotion, and impact purchasing decisions.

It's definitely no secret - companies go to extraordinary lengths to portray a vivid selection of colours to create a value-adding experience for customers. 

As we saw in 2016, the sugary-sweet and understated pastel palette steered the industry of design into a whole new direction. We're talking about muted pinks, soft corals, grey infected lilacs, and quiet greys - these hushed tones reflected senses of relaxation and contentment.

In 2017, expect to see an introduction towards more vibrantly expressive and bolder design choices into all aspects of packaging, such as colour, pattern and shape.


Companies like Beerophilia remind us exactly why we're always excited to receive something in the mail. From shipping materials, right to the deliberate presentation of the product; we're seeing an emergence of delivering a back-to-basics feel with postal-style satchels/boxes. 

Simply 'Wowing!' your customers, particularly those who are Eco-conscious, with a versatile and unique unboxing experience will have them falling in love with your brand.


Commonly found in food packaging, impactful and creative die-cuts are beginning to surface in the retail industry.

Look for products to complement packaging this year, as opposed to traditional methods, where packaging complements the product within.

From impressive and detailed die-cuts, to humorous shapes & windows, the year ahead will have you thinking creatively about your custom packaging like never before.

Here's to an exciting new year! Are you keeping up to date with the latest trends? Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you stay ahead of your competition today. Please join us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to explore the very best of packaging across all industries.



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