5 Inspiring Food Packaging Designs You Need To See

As we head towards the ‘silly season’ and (thankfully) much warmer weather, we can expect the competition within the Food Hospitality Industry to well and truly heat up. Aside from serving up spectacular and memorable dishes; there is one key element that can set your food service apart from competitors, whilst simultaneously helping your customers to remember where they've had a fantastic experience. That element, as you may have guessed by now, is your food packaging design. To get you inspired and excited to stand out, we’ve picked 5 of the most brilliant food packaging designs we’ve seen so far, this year. So, without further ado; let’s dig in!

Burger & Love

Image Credit: Behance

Why we love this design: Inspired by Louis Vuitton and Coca Cola, this funky design brings together burger lovers from all walks of life with its use of playful icons coloured in multiple tones. We love how they’ve used the entire front window of their takeaway food packaging to display the design without distraction, whilst attracting attention from all angles by using an intense shade of red. See more of this design here.


Image Credit: Behance

Why we love this design: What gripped us about this piece of fine food packaging is the beautifully-designed side gusset, where the colour tones used in the icons contrast effectively with the background to stand out, whilst also highlighting what the café specialises in. Just by looking at it, you can tell it is an up-market dessert bar or sweet eatery, which means it has communicated its brand message without fault. See more of this design here.

Mama Mafia

Image Credit: Lovely Package

Why we love this design: As a takeaway food service that specialises in Italian and Japanese Cuisine, you can see that this business has placed careful thought in making sure their brand personality is conveyed strongly and seamlessly. We love the use of animation and quirky phrases, which add that extra element of excitement and enjoyment with every customer’s purchase. Read more about this design here.

Hosh Marium

Image Credit: Behance

Why we love this design: Food packaging design doesn’t always have to communicate the type of food on offer or what the business name is. Instead, it can highlight the brand’s story; their inspiration or what has inspired them to operate and more importantly; it can show the customer exactly what makes the business unique. This packaging piece for example, brings out the culture and lifestyle the restaurant is passionate about, and lets customers become a part of the ‘family’, rather than a one-off diner (which encourages the customer’s return). See more of this design here.

Petite Eats

Image Credit: Behance

Why we love this design: Even though this isn’t a takeaway piece of food packaging, we’d love to see more of this design concept applied to the influx of niche food venues that are hitting the market in Australia. This food packaging tailors well to the active, outgoing and health-conscious consumer, but goes one step further to educate the customer about how the product impacts their life, and how they can make the most of their healthy choices. Animations and vector design have been trending for a while now, and it’s great to see this concept going above and beyond to impress and retain their customers. See more of this design here.


Let’s be honest. There’s a million and one different ways in which you could start your custom food packaging journey. In order to create the best possible impression with your customers however, it’s important to dive deep in understanding exactly what your customers find so unique about your business, and understand how you can use your packaging to enhance their overall experience to its maximum potential. For more information on just how to do this, take a moment to digest the invaluable information presented in this article.

Like always, we’re one call away from helping you reach your custom food packaging goals, no matter how ambitious that may be. We encourage you to give us a call on 1300 850 101 for a free discussion on how we can make your packaging goals come to life.



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