5 Aussie Brands That Are Absolutely Nailing Their Packaging Design
A brand is a living entity - and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.
- Michael Eisner (Disney CEO 1984-2005)

We come into a dynamic, multidisciplinary branding world that demands new ways of thinking. Amongst these new challenges, opportunities and innovations in the industry, we've recognised 5 Aussie brands that are transcending the Packaging landscape into new, extraordinary heights of success.

Client: Foundation Skin Clinic
Agency: Studio Alto

"Fountain Skin Clinic’s focus is on the elegant art of meaningful and affordable skin care to provide a healthy radiance regardless of skin tone, colour or life stage.

With the idea of subtle elegance and a discerning, predominantly female clientele in mind, Studio Alto’s branding proposal for Fountain Skin Clinic blends a simple brand and word mark with understated imagery and calls to action that get to the point. The visual identity reflects a professional and efficient, yet highly empathetic practice that promises to deliver quality customer service."

Client: Street Kitchen Co.
Agency: Watts Design
"In developing the branding and identity for Street Kitchen Co, we had to keep in mind that extending the brand into the store fit-out would be part of the overall customer experience. Balancing the vibrant black and yellow branding elements was vital to make sure the store interior was inviting … and it is. Today the store is flat out, the food is great and our client is very happy."

Client: Empire Steak

"Empire steak was inspired by a true love of the humble steak sandwich, the unsung hero of our time.  Empire takes the humble Aussie staple - the steak sandwich - and offers it back to the public in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Executed through a series of cheeky graphics and slogans the brand takes on the Aussie lifestyle in true blue fashion. The tone of voice is frank, generous, classic and honest – local and personable – in keeping with the brand foundation of suburban prestige.

The effect is one of welcomed nostalgia, the perfect setting to wrap both hands around and 'embrace the drip factor'"

Client: Sushi World

"We paid respect to the brand’s heritage and implemented an updated illustration of her as the key brand mark and also developed a complementary suite of illustrations.

The handcrafted quality of the logo and illustrations represents the authentic and thoughtful aspects of the company, essentially evoking a welcoming look and feel. The rice grain pattern is a playful element applied to the brand rollout along with the heart, reinforcing the idea of the meals being ‘made with love’"

Client: The Lazy Dog Cafe
Agency: Jam&Co

"Taking inspiration from interior design mood boards and the owner’s vision for the café, we developed a brand that captures the heart and soul. The brand has been developed as a kit of parts and works beautifully across all touch points of the business.

The result, approachable sophistication that connects honestly with the consumer on a lazy Sunday afternoon."

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