"The 4 D's" For A Successful Product Packaging

Many people who are in the realm of business are familiar with the "4 P's" in Marketing: product, price, promotion and place. So, what are the "4 D's" in packaging?

Glad you asked - it's something you don't hear often.

In the retail and hospitality landscape, about half the struggle is getting the customer to notice and recognise your packaging. 

According to Dotcom Distribution, 3 in 10 consumers (35%) have discovered a new brand after seeing a customer carrying the retailer’s packaging in public.  

Branded packaging is essentially the vehicle that encourages the consumer to purchase a product.

Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution, stated that the value of branded packaging “extends far beyond the customer experience into residual marketing effects. The experience goes beyond the online order to when the customer actually opens the beautifully wrapped package and shares that experience across social networks. That act of online and social recommendations drives loyalty from your customers and promotes brand awareness.”

So when you're thinking about your branded packaging, here are "4 D's" that will help you drive customers to your business.

1) Demand

Your voice should be louder than those of your competitors, especially if your launching or already situated in a landscape with tonnes of businesses just like yours.

Take a walk into their store and have a look at how they differentiate themselves from the likes of others. Analyse the demands of the current market, and see how this benchmarks with the current competition.

Are retailers going paper, because of the movement towards the plastic ban? If so, here is your opportunity - take advantage of this demand and utilise this in your product packaging.

2) Differentiate

As mentioned previously in our blog, brand story-telling not only move people, they move products - an element to your business that will disrupt the market. Before you can nail your packaging, your brand story must define your purpose, aspirations and values.

Customer's don't buy what you do - they buy why you do it.

This will differentiate you from your competitors.

3) Delivery

Consumer insights is your friend here, so gather research about their preference for packaging.

Packaging is all about first impressions, make it count. Incorporate unique colours, structure, messaging or graphics to make your branded packaging stand out from the crowd.

In the midst of packaging aesthetics, it's also important to ensure conveniency, efficiency and added value to pull in customers. This will create a ground-breaking delivery of your product.

4) Design

Now, this is where we place our creative-thinking caps on and work with our graphic designers. The design of your packaging should integrate visual elements that communicates your brand messaging and identity simultaneously into one beautiful package. 

80% of what we learn about the world comes to us visually…yet most brands do not have a visual position that brings the written positioning and story to life. 

Packaging will continue to influence a company's sales as it grows larger. Behind the "4 D's" of your packaging is purpose - what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer. Let your creative engine shift into a higher gear and discover the meaning behind your brand to improve the bottom line and succeed in the market. 



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