3 Iconic Brands Joining The #BanTheBag Movement

One of the biggest and most pivotal moments in history was announced last Friday.

The War on Waste has begun, as Supermarket Goliath Woolworths has called its nation-wide ban on single-use plastic bags in their stores. Phased out by mid 2018, Woolworths will now be encouraging consumers to transition into reusable bags.

Woolworths stated that 3.2 billion lightweight plastic bags are handed out in the supermarket each year. If this statistic isn't hard-hitting enough, more than 70% of the rubbish entering Australian oceans is plastic, where 100,000 animals are killed by plastic bags each year.

Completely removing plastic bags in the Australian mass market is massive step towards the Plastic Bag Movement - a long awaited desire for the majority of the public. The switch, as Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci said, was motivated by the strong customer support and to do the right thing for the environment.


But, who else decided to join the Plastic Bag Ban bandwagon?

Opposition of Woolworths, plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past at Coles Supermarket. The fierce rival announced its Plastic Bag movement shortly after Woolworths voiced their ban, stating that they've been "...working towards this announcement for some time now as part of our ongoing program to improve environmental outcomes throughout their business" 

Following Woolworths and Coles, Harris Farm Markets are now announcing their #BanTheBag campaign which commits to removing single-use, lightweight plastic bags from all stores by 1 January 2018. 

Harris Farm Markets were no strangers to the Plastic Bag ban. A long term supporter of the Plastic Bag Ban movement, customers have said no to plastic over 800,000 times in support of our #BanTheBag campaign since April 2017. 

"The overwhelming majority of Australians support a ban on single use plastic bags -- which are only used for minutes on average, but then take up to a thousand years to decompose," Greenpeace campaigner Samantha Wockner said.

As three of the most iconic Australian supermarkets begin to stir towards the right direction in saving the environment, everyone cannot stop talking about it. 

These decisions have struck the nation's undivided attention, and we think it will have one of the most powerful impacts on the ocean and landfill waste that have long been a problem. 


Businesses are starting to realise that paper bags are capable of looking more aesthetic and appealing that plastic bags; can be delivered a lot faster and reliably to preserve stock levels in store; and of course, can reduce the potentially devastating impact on our environment. We guess all that’s left is to start the conversation with us, so you can start benefiting from the wonderful world of paper bags, right away. Give us a call on 1300 850 101 today for a free chat about your paper bags and how we can help.



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