Branding Inspiration of the Month: May

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

Pablo & Rusty's is considered one of Sydney’s premier coffee roasters and cafes, specialising in delivering an experience nothing short of quality. Culture and customer-centricity is at the heart of this brand’s philosophy, and when you see the effort that’s gone into their branding; you can hardly be surprised.

Through their clean and simple aesthetic and modern approach to cafe traditions, Pablo & Rusty's identity successfully defines Sydney's cafe culture, and encompasses the essence of a society so reliant on it's coffee.

Pro tip: Your brand is unique, and so are your customers. Take the time to understand exactly who they are and what interests them, in order to create a memorable experience – one which ensures their return.

The colour palette of rich blues and soft neutral tones deliver a sense of sophistication and maturity to the eye, complimenting and enhancing the warm tones of coffee. As a result, the coffee and the food, becomes the centerpiece of attention, since the colours draw attention to what is yet to be consumed.

Although it maintains a high sense of sophistication; the brand identity still remains highly approachable. This is created through the incorporation of woods and neutral tones, which produces a feeling of warmth. This welcoming ‘feel’ is further strengthened by the contemporary approach to stencil typography, as well as the application of their moniker, 'P&R', which is displayed across almost all pieces of branding.

Backed by a commitment to delivering quality coffee and food, Pablo & Rusty’s have ensured that their customers not only return, but encourage others to accompany them on their next visit.

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All images are credited to Manual Creative


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