Branding Inspiration of the Month: April

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

Cocadas are a dessert specialty originating from major cities in Latin America, such as Peru, Brazil and Argentina. This Bakery and Cafe specialises in creating Peruvian-inspired desserts, offering a Peruvian take on a staple of Latin American cuisine.

We love how this cafe has translated a simple staple into an extremely well-thought out and unique branding experience, where each cafe element or piece of packaging work seamlessly together to create brand unison and consistency. By doing so, they ensure their brand and the experience as a whole, is one to remember.

Pro Tip: Always include your branding on as many 'touch-points' as possible to help your customers remember their fantastic experience, since customers can and will interact with your brand in many ways than one.

The colours and patterns are a modern take on Peruvian culture and traditions, where the virtues of artisanal baking are captured to deliver a trendy yet authentic feel. The unique patterns used in the design resemble the shapes and textures of the baked goods, to the extent that the 'C' is in the shape of a Croissant.

Lastly, we love the predominate use of black and white, which keeps the branding clean, modern and sophisticated. It's brilliant to see the contrast in colours, where the striking use of Blues and Reds is left only for key pieces of takeaway packaging, to ensure satisfied customers remember where they had such a great experience.

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