Design Of The Week: Hello Churros

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Let's talk churros, shall we?

Partnering up with HelloChurros (a churro cafe in Thailand), independent design professionals from design agency Appart_ created a unique brand story that captured their brand values, and won the hearts of the Foodie Universe in Bangkok.

"The objective of the project was to create a young playful design identity that would communicate an unknown product to the Thai teenage cafe fan crowd. The visual identity is created with iconographic hand-drawn illustrations which represent the world of churros and Barcelona. The illustrations are combined with 5 different brand colours with yellow as predominant to create patterns which are applied to the different packaging applications. The result is a family of selfie like packs which perfectly blend with the awesome ice cream churro creations of the chef."

The concept behind their versatile branding came about through increasing competition and dessert-demands in the market. Adapting to the changes in time and design trends, HelloChurros implemented multiple colours, pattern combinations and strong logotype families to stand out in the Bangkok scene. 

"This flexibility is an essential value to create a long lasting brand awareness for any f&b dessert business"

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