Design Of The Week - Chocolat Factory

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – and alongside the ever-exciting thrill of counting down to Christmas is the preparation for 25 days of surprises with a re-imagined Christmas advent calendar.

In the preparation for Christmas, the 25-day advent calendar had always been a ritualistic staple for the festive season.

Commercially found at every end of the shopping mall, the typical advent calendar did not offer much more than its child-like complexion. There was not much beauty to the selection of calendars one can discover in the hopes of obtaining an exciting and fun calendar leading up to the magical season of Christmas. 

Designed by Hiroshi Tsunoda, restructuring and redesigning the traditional advent calendar had been an unfulfilled thought for years. For client Chocolat Factory, Tsunoda's mission was to create an advent calendar packaging reconceptualised as a decorative piece for the Christmas season. 

To Tsunoda, the revised concept of Chocolat Factory's advent calendar will not only be about its magnifying chocolate treats. The structure of the newly-designed advent calendar emulated the experience and feeling of putting up the Christmas tree for the family. 

The advent calendar is now one that is elegant, fun, and meant not only for children, but for adults too. 

Once December begins, and after eating your daily dose of chocolate, you can put the little box back in place and turn it around… and on the 24th a surprise message will appear. 

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