Branding Inspiration Of The Month: June

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

“The Power of Yes”

If you’re yet to figure out which brand stamps their bold, one-worded slogan across its creative brand campaign, allow us to introduce you to Australia’s second largest telecommunications company – Optus.

Since 1992, Optus had disrupted the telecommunications industry with the simple slogan, “yes”

‘The Power of Yes’ was an enduring celebration of how the brand can empower consumers with products that offer greater flexibility, connectivity, security, efficiency and personality. The brand inevitably combated the ongoing frustrations of inflexibility and poor service from other providers. However, as time went by, the driving force and meaning behind “Yes” had been lost in the rapidly changing world of the telco playing field.

“They don’t just deliver gigabytes, they create meaningful experiences for people they call ‘Yes Moments’.”

Pro tip: Recent research tells us that brands who create more meaningful experiences, and develop deeper emotional connections to their customers, grow more equity over time and come to mind more readily as a brand to seek out.

Strategic brand consultancy, Re Agency, were invited to rebrand the telecommunications behemoth, and reposition the brand to meet the changing needs of the ‘Netflix Generation’ and stay relevant to its audience.

With a strong focus to defining the ‘Yes’ Factor, Re Agency wanted to amplify the feelings associated with the brand. Re agency introduced an additional layer outside the core identity, which they named “the playground”. Governed by principles, rather than guidelines, the playground is where the brand can stretch its legs, push in new directions and evolve at the speed of culture. Represented through its brand colour scheme, reimagined packaging, and decoupling ‘Yes’ from the Optus logo, Optus aimed to be three things. Free. Playful. Expressive. 

“Individual ‘brand worlds’ enable Optus to naturally flex to suit any genre, subculture or customer segment it needs to. Essentially skins on the core identity, these worlds feel fresh and unique, yet each has a backbeat that’s distinctly Optus.”

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All images are credited to Re Agency



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